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Welcome to the unprecedented NFT Scavenger Hunt.

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Scavenge in Wonderverse

Want to be part of an unprecedented NFT scavenger hunt? Here’s your chance.

You are invited to a series of scavenger hunt in a Wonderverse where we present a large-scale chaotic scene scattered with countless characters, treasures, references and symbols.

The scene is sub-divided into numerous smaller NFT art pieces known as “Moments” where each Moment tells its own focused story. As the Scavenger, your mission is to unravel every hidden feature in the Moments and piece together your own collection.

Some collections may consist of a series of Moments while other collections are simply based on one single stand-alone Moment. How you and the community collect the Moments directly influence each Moment’s value.

In an NFT marketplace full of algorithmic art, we go back to the traditions with hand drawn art and collectors determining values based on their collection. Scavenge in Wonderverse is the combination of traditional art collecting and modern NFT trading.

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First Hunt of the Season
The TEA Party [300]


Our first scavenger hunt in 2022 took place in the Alice in Wonderland inspired Wonderverse. “The Tea Party [300]” re-imagines Mad Hatter's Party with mobs of golden agers and many surprising guests enjoying an 80s night. The Tea Party [300] is sub-divided into a collection of 300 NFT Moments with countless Easter eggs hidden in every corner.

Join Scavenge in Wonderverse NOW.

The Wonderverse


embedded with mysteries, enigma, and unrevealed secrets

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Easter Eggs Everywhere


with countless characters, treasures, references and symbols.

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TEA Party No. 252 - Juggling Elton John


Bonus NFT for 300 Collection Minters

Everyone who mints a Tea Party NFT will receive a free bonus NFT. These bonus NFTs will be airdropped to the digital wallets of those who minted a Tea Party NFT after the collection sells out.